Managed Website Hosting

Why Our Hosting


Our biggest advantage. Using high-performance dedicated Servers. You can expect huge site speed gains over the shared hosting plans available with all the major hosting companies. Even many premium VPS offerings costing £500+/year are no match in performance.

Cost Effective

We go straight to the source, no reseller plans. These are fully managed servers on professional industry-leading hardware. The only hosting providers coming close to our prices are all shared hosting plans. Meaning you share the same server with other websites, potentially 100’s of thousands of them.


    Fully managed and secured with updates and backups. Site migration with ongoing site support. SEO focused optimisations and top-tier premium plugins included. Competitively priced SEO and developer services. Able to perform site improvements, changes or complete rebuilds


    GDLife Media Hosting Plans

    Our hosting services are only available to our clients. Contact us for more infomation.